• WSBC is a full-service marketing, branding, business development and design agency located in Woodside, New York. This fast-growing agency has gained significant recognition in recent months, working closely with a number of high-profile clients throughout New York City and beyond.

    Known for its socially responsible business practices and deep dedication to and work with the Latino community, WSBC has long been the go-to for brands looking to break into the thriving multicultural market. Like many of its clients, WSBC’s roots are as a small, fledgling business—and, today, the agency brings this unique perspective and personal experience to its thriving client base.

    No matter the business needs, approach or background, as a comprehensive marketing services provider WSBC is able to provide its clients a host of unique offerings, from web design, content development and corporate branding elements, to complete strategic development, including PR, promotions, training and much more. This approach has earned praise from clients and industry alike, as it enables WSBC to provide its clients with a 360 experience without the hassle of hiring an expert in-house team.

  • Our Team

    The integrated team at WSBC works in tandem to ensure client success from start to finish. These marketing and design insiders are experts in the field, with the experience, insight and passion to deliver the incomparable results for every client, every time.

  • Public Speaker & Marketing Specialist

    After launching and managing a thriving marketing/design business in Colombia, WSBC owner/founder Liliana Carrillo moved to New York City more than 10 years ago, intent on helping Latin-run businesses across the city. As a writer, marketer, business strategist and consultant, Liliana has assisted countless brands bring their ideas to life, driving action, innovation and engagement across numerous industries and high-profile businesses—and no matter the client, Liliana works hard to ensure strong results every time.

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  • William M. Bedoya

    Executive Account - Public Relations

    William brings a full package of ideas, and takes on any project with a contagious positive energy. He always pushes himself to determine the most efficient solution to any situation. raised in NYC , though his true home remains in his native Colombia. He loves playing SOCCER and Blogs about his passion for the sport inspiring kids around the world to fulfill their dreams.

  • Juan Bedoya

    Community Manager

    Expert in online ecommerce and virtual webshops. Juan is a dedicated young man with an eye for perfection. He is always striving for more motivating team members to come up with new ideas. Passion for design, Juan is always giving a different look on things.