• This Woodside restaurant had a story to tell, and WSBC worked hand-in-hand with the Adelita team to make sure that message hit the community when and where it mattered most. The crux of this marketing plan centered on the name “Adelita,” which signified the restaurant’s nod to the women who drove the Mexican revolution—the “Adelitas.” These powerful women have long been symbols of courage and action, and this connection was critical to successfully marketing Adelita Restaurant.

    WSBC’s integrated approach began with logo and branding development, specifically surrounding the spirit of the Adelitas. Once complete, WSBC went to work within the immediate community, with a two-prong approach that targeted both Mexican and American residents. Adelita Restaurant was integrated at local events, women’s programming and at other core Woodside functions to immediately drive engagement and enable residents to sample the restaurant’s unique fare. From here, WSBC developed a comprehensive PR and hospitality push, designed to attract residents and tourists seeking exceptional cuisine in the immediate vicinity. All of this was supported by ongoing social media, email marketing and more which, in tandem, drove increased foot traffic, reservations and, ultimately, a number 1 search engine ranking among area restaurants.