• I know about Piedad’s work since several years ago and I have seen how she does marvelous things for her students, in a silent and non-pretentious way. Piedad guides them through painting, helping them discover their talents. She has worked for over 20 years with elderly in a diverse geriatric centers of New York.

    I told her many times that she was doing great and that we could develop a strategy so that her "activity" could become into a business. I motivated her and I challenged her on Facebook, to take action and start her own business. Finally, one day I got her call saying: "Yes Liliana, I'm ready now. Let’s build a business!"

    We did a lot of research about her services, and so, we ended up with a brand-name for Piedad that would allow me to sell the concept of her work. We created a simple but great logo presenting her, choosing a color that would give us the possibility to use it in its different hues and that would be her signature.

    We created a simple strategy that allowed us to position Piedad as what she is: an Artist; but also a Creativity & Talent Coach. We designed a calendar of seminars for her to train or identify painters willing to use her technique and get certified.

    We created a seminar for people who have never painted: "paint with no knowledge." –since Piedad is a specialist in that technique.

    We also developed a strategy to attract the youth, it’s called "Drinks & Art", which would be held in different restaurants around. This strategy would position Piedad and let her get potential clients for her seminars.

    At the same time, we planned a seminar to train young people interested in Panting Face, which would allow us to offer the service in the restaurants in the nearby area when we promoted the workshops for children and youths.

    The strategy is, therefore, a clear marketing concept –it’s easier to create a strategy in order to achieve the economic goal and position the business, and, consequently, the interest of our customers to our products or services-.

    Liliana Carrillo is a marketing strategist. With her agency and her team, she has developed creative strategies for several companies in New York City. Her focus and knowledge of the market and the different industries have allowed her not only to remain but to grow in a competitive environment. For more of her work please visit www.wsbc.nyc