• Driving brand identity across all platforms.

    Strong brand identity and development is essential to success, and WSBC’s insight, experience and analysis provides the ultimate foundation for creating and implementing a visual- and content-focused presence in the marketplace.

  • Identity

    Brand recognition is critical, with visual style being an essential piece of a business’ identity. Strong marketplace differentiation and clear delineation from competition puts your brand in a more advantageous position to engage prospects and, ultimately, drive revenue. From logos and naming to visuals, guidelines, packaging and advertising, WSBC provides all pieces essential to meaningful brand identity, ensuring a cohesive, powerful presence.

  • Branding

    Beyond identity, strong, unified branding helps businesses cut through the clutter and drive their messages, capabilities and core benefits across all platforms. Once a solid identity is established, the WSBC team works closely with its clients and partners to carry the visual style and content approach throughout all branded touch points, including sales collaterals, web content, visuals, advertisements and more.